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Tekin Transport: Use for wholesale and foreign trade, dealers, craftsmen & industry, SMEs, startups, administration & authorities.

The requirements are just as different as the industries themselves.

By outsourcing logistics services, you can outsource your logistics processes to us to reduce costs and concentrate on your core tasks. This can include transport, picking, storage or other value-added activities.

Transport plays an essential role in our society. They are the key to connecting people, places and goods.

Without transportation, the exchange of resources, trade and communication would be difficult. They contribute to economic development, enable mobility and are crucial for globalization.

Transportation can be divided into different types such as land, sea and air transportation. Each type has its own advantages and challenges. It is important to promote sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation methods to reduce the environmental footprint. In addition, improving transport infrastructure plays an important role in increasing efficiency and safety.

Outsource logistics – Tekin does it!

Choosing to outsource your logistics can be a significant change for your business. It is important to choose a transportation company that meets your specific needs.

Remember that good communication between you and the shipping company is crucial to ensuring your goods arrive safely and on time. Also consider what additional services the company offers, such as warehousing or packaging.

Tekin Transport: experience, fleet, expertise

Tekin Transport has the necessary experience, the right fleet and the required specialist knowledge.

Strategic decision to focus on core competencies

It is a strategic decision that helps you focus on your core competencies.

Our support for you

We at Tekin Transport are at your side with our experience, our strong team and our values.

Choosing the right storage solution

When looking for additional storage space or a transshipment facility, it is important to consider the unique needs of your business.

Warehouse size, location, accessibility and security measures should factor into your decision. Transshipment warehouses can be particularly useful if you need to move goods in and out on a regular basis. They enable rapid processing and thus minimize downtimes.

The advantages of additional storage space with Tekin Transport

Additional storage space may be necessary as your business grows or you need to accommodate seasonal fluctuations. Both options can contribute to the efficiency and growth of your business. It is therefore crucial to tailor your choice to the specific needs of your business.

Our storage area covers approximately 2500 square meters and offers space for around 400 pallet spaces in the high-bay warehouse. With Tekin Transport you can explore a large area and find the right service activities.

Office move or change of location? Tekin can do it!

An upcoming move, whether internal or external, requires precise planning and organization. It is important to inform all departments involved and take their needs into account. Creating a moving plan can help avoid confusion and delays. It is advisable to hire professional moving companies who have experience with corporate relocations.

Your move with Tekin Transport ensures that valuable work equipment and materials are transported safely. It is also important to plan your move outside of peak business hours to minimize disruption to business operations. After the move, everything should be made functional again as quickly as possible to minimize your downtime.

We advise you:

Logistics solutions for startups

Do you have a brilliant business idea and don’t want to lose focus?

Simply hand over the areas of storage space, handling or delivery vehicles to us. Stay focused, we’ll take care of the rest.

With Tekin Transport from Fürth you have the necessary tailwind and can concentrate on your core business. We ensure that your transport logistics, warehouse logistics or office furniture logistics run smoothly.

Logistics solutions for the industry

Do you have unusual goods or need a special service?

When transport becomes a challenge, we throw our decades of experience into the knowledge pot and plan, control and coordinate a successful implementation.

Beyond the borders of the Nuremberg metropolitan region, we support your transport throughout Germany, for example with your Kanban system, the delivery and connection of your medical devices, rollout or rollback tours, and the installation of server systems and server cabinets.

We promise delivery security for your customers.

Logistics solutions for the trading

We bring your stock goods from one location to the next across all branches on time. We take care of deliveries to our warehouse in Fürth, collections from the factory and redistribution, as well as picking in our storage areas with ease.

Bicycles, hanging goods, white goods, pallet goods.

Let’s talk about your requirements.