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Thorough planning and clear communication in the rollout/rollback process

A rollout of printers, medical devices, etc. refers to the systematic introduction of new hardware systems in a company. This can be a complete replacement of older models or the integration of additional devices. There are several factors to consider when planning such a rollout, including cost, compatibility with existing systems, and employee training. Delivery and transport must be planned in detail to create an optimal cost-benefit structure.

A rollback, on the other hand, refers to the return or return to a previous state or the old devices. For example, printers may need to be rolled back if the new devices do not work as expected or if they are not compatible with existing systems.

We at Tekin Transport have already planned and scheduled hundreds of rollouts. Our plans go through every single step and process. With this approach we can plan the rollout and rollback as effectively as possible.

Close communication at eye level is one of the most important tools for all parties.

Cost reduction and process optimization through IT standardization

Unifying IT is an effective approach to cost reduction and process optimization.

By bringing together different systems, a unified, standardized IT infrastructure can be created. This leads to reduction of complexity and increases efficiency.

In addition, maintenance and training costs are significantly reduced because only a single system landscape is used. Improved automation and integration of processes can also increase productivity.

Another advantage is improved data quality and security. Through a uniform system, data can be managed and controlled centrally. This minimizes errors and increases data security.

In summary, unifying IT enables significant cost reductions and process optimization.

Both processes require careful planning and execution to minimize disruption to operations. A rollout can be carried out quickly and easily within a defined time frame. Routine, experience and good planning are the basis.

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